Need Cell Phone Help, Repair or Cheap Cell Phones and Accessories?

Personalized care is our specialty.If you’re having an issue, we want to help. Call us toll free at 888-719-6090, or visit one of our convenient locations in Clarion orTitusville, PA.

Problems with Your phone?

Here at Prime Choice Wireless, our customers are our first priority. If you’ve got a problem, we’re here to help. If something is wrong with your device, you can call us toll free at the number above. Or, find other ways of connecting with us on our Contact page.

Something Wrong with Your service?

Got a question about your Prime Choice Wireless service plan? If you need answers, you can count on us. Let our knowledgeable staff help make things right. Call us or email today.

Have a Broken Phone?

When your phone breaks, it’s important to examine all your options before buying a new one. We can give you a free estimate on repair costs involved. Depending on the make and model of your phone, we may be able to help get it back to normal again. We use quality parts and offer quality repair that’s guaranteed.

We Buy Used Phones

Thinking of selling a used phone? All our pricing is based on the retail value, demand and condition of your particular phone. We do offer a free recycling program for phones you are unable to sell.

We Sell Cheap Cell Phones and Accessories

You can get new and used cell phones at our three locations in Clarion, PA, and Titusville, PA. Choose your next phone from our wide selection of inexpensive Smart Phones and flip phones with brands like Samsung, LG, Apple and Motorola. Our stores also carry house chargers, car chargers, decorative cases, screen protectors, and protective cases like OtterBox, Life Proof and Ballistic.