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How to Set up Your Prepaid Cell Phone Plan

Start saving money today by switching your cell phone over to our No Contract Service Plans.

Simply follow the four steps below:

Use Your Own Phone

Step One Choose Your Network

First, let’s find out which cell phone service you are currently using. Many people use Verizon or ATT because these networks provide them with the extensive coverage they need.
Our prepaid cell phone service plans let you choose either of these networks:

• Page Plus plan is powered by the Verizon Network (4G devices $5 SIM card required)
• H20 plan is powered by the ATT Network (free SIM card required)

Next, go to our Activation Page, and type your network preference in the “Carrier” box.
(If you are choosing H2O or a 4G LTE Verizon phone, you will need a SIM card, which is provided by Prime Choice Wireless. When you receive your SIM card in the mail, detailed instructions will be included on how to insert it into your phone. Your SIM card is conveniently transferrable to other phones.)

Step Two Check Eligibility

Before starting one of our prepaid cell phone plans, you’ll need to verify that your phone is eligible for activation. We cannot activate devices that are on a negative or blacklist. These phones are in default under a previous contracted agreement.
To do this, simply take the battery cover off your phone and read the Electronic Serial Number or ESN written on the sticker adhered to your phone. Then, enter your information to our ESN Check page to verify that it is eligible.

Step Three Enter Your Information

On our Activation Page, you’ll also see a box where you’ll need to enter the “Make” of your phone (Apple, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG, etc.). You’ll also add your “Model” here that is found on the same sticker as your ESN.
Fill out the rest of the form with your contact information and submit.
Keep your phone number! Fill out the form on our Port Your Phone Number page.

Step Four Decide on Your Plan

Now, let’s tailor fit your needs to the perfect plan for you. Do you need unlimited talk/text/data? We’ve got a plan for that. Do you need just a few hours of talk or text a month? We’ve got a plan for that, too.
And with either plan, we can save you money. So head on over to our Prepaid Phone Cards page and select a plan that’s right for you.